What is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)?

Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA, refers to a partnership between a farmer and a community of supporters.  At the beginning of the year, supporters purchase a "share" of the farm's production.  The farmer uses this money to cover the cost of seeds, fertilizer, equipment maintenance, and labor, and produces a healthy supply of fresh produce throughout the season (usually May through October in Wisconsin).

When CSA members make this commitment, they are supporting the farm through the season and are sharing the costs, risks and bounty of growing food along with the farmer.  This mutually supportive relationship between local farmers and community members helps to create economically stable farm operations in which members are assured the highest quality produce.  In return, farmers are assured a reliable market for a variety of crops.

The preceding definition was taken from What is Community Supported Agriculture? By Bill Wright, of the Emerging Agricultural Markets Team, UW Cooperative Extension. A PDF version of this paper is available through the UW extension website, available by clicking here.

Solheim, WI Market Garden Agreement

When you purchase a CSA from Solheim, WI you will receive a bag of produce once a week during the growing season.  The type of produce will depend on which vegetable, fruit or herb is at it's peak.  We will also supply you with an e-newsletter letting you know what you can look forward to in your bag, some information about the farm, the vegetables, hints on how to care for them and some recipes for tasty preparation.


2018 CSA Purchasing Options

This season we will be offering 3 different purchasing options.

1. Full share is $720. The full share will provide a variety of the freshest, seasonal produce available on a weekly basis for 20 weeks. The full share is enough produce to help feed 4-6 people weekly.

2. Half share is $360. The half share contains the same variety of produce, also on a weekly pick up schedule, for 20 weeks. The half share is enough produce to help feed 2-3 people weekly.

3. Half share+donation of a half share is $720. You will receive a weekly half share for 20 weeks, and we will donate the remaining half of your share to The Community Table on the buyer's behalf. At the end of the growing season, we at Solheim, WI.  will provide each half share customer making the donation an end of the year statement.

CSA pick up will be on Saturday mornings, or Thursday evenings at The Coffee Grounds in Eau Claire, WI.


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