About us


Tucked into the Eleva Ridge in Southern Eau Claire County Solheim WI, Market Garden. Solheim means 'Sun Home' in Norwegian. In our 'Sun Home' garden beds we grow approximately 40 different kinds of vegetables and fruit for market produce. Our primary focus in the garden is building soil through the use of permanent no-till raised beds with the addition of composted organic cow manure*. Our produce is clean and safe, grown only by way of hand cultivation, row cover, and other natural methods of pest and weed control. We aim to grown the finest quality produce, intensively through as much of the growing season as is possible, and potentially longer via the use of plastic covered hoop houses, cold frames, and row covers. At Solheim Market garden we believe that no meal is greater than its produce, and we want to share the best produce we can grow with all individuals of our community who are interested.

*From Paul Adam's Family Dairy of Eleva, WI



Solheim, WI Gardeners

Ryan Howard has worked in the food industry for many years cooking at local Eau Claire restaurants. Now Ryan grows food to cook. He is interested in exploring value added product possibilities. 

Luke Howard is a graduate of University of Minnesota Environmental Horticulture Program in Greenhouse and Nursery Management. Locally he has worked for Appledore Woods Berry Farm and the Eau Claire Farmer's Market.

Allen Keniston is a retired University of Wisconsin Eau Claire Psychology professor.  His is learning that gardening is more enjoyable than working out in the gym.  Allen enjoys eating good food.

Rachel Keniston recently retired from serving as director of The Community Table.  She has a passion for bringing people together with nutritious food to build a healthy community.